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 Beo'lor bio

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PostSubject: Beo'lor bio   Wed 27 Mar 2013, 12:13 am

name beo'lor the blessed

species Romulan

on the day of beo birth his mother and father were happiest couple in the universe until the Pirates arrived yar.

as soon as baby beo first emerge to this galaxy. he was taken by the Pirates yar. his mother was then brutally torn apart in front of his father. for body parts to sell on the black market afterwards his father was executed by a blaster shot in the back of the head.

the pirate captain scallywags took baby beo as a slave for many years was mistreated and brutally beaten even as a baby. at the age of 5 beo was thrown down in to a well where he was forced to put the lotion on the skin or he gets the hose again!

scallywags family would often partake in the beatings on poor little beo as their epohh bark happily along. but 1 day beo swore he get his vengeance. and in 82 years that day came.

Beo trick the little epohh to fall down in the well when the family heard there most cherished pet fall and break its little lag they cried pleated for beo to put the pet in the basket but he told them. the only way you'll get your pet is if you lower down a ladder for me. so the family did.

once beo was up he tied the family up and use their communicator to signal for the Father captain scallywags to return home a lone that his family were hostages. once captain scallywags was tied up with his family beo begin to exact his revenge.

beo started off by heating up a hot pot of oil once it was to boil he then grab the family epohh and threw it in the oil the pet screamed but the family screams louder.

Beo then turns his intentions to the daughter see she was a very big germophobe. So beo rig the septic tank waste recycler to backup . and using the knife that was used on his mother shortly after labor. he made hundreds of little cuts that wouldn't be fatal but once put into the septic tank recycler cause mass infection.

he's then turned his attention to scallywags son and wife he tied the Son up and placed a arkwave plasma rifle in his face it's trigger attach to a line that lead to a pressure plate and on the plate was the mother if she would disrupt her balance in shift her weight the trigger would be pulled.

beo then placed a rod that put out Micro sound waves between her legs at knee level and turned it on. at first she resist but beo turn the power settings up to altra. she begin to moan in trouble and fell down to her knees which pulled the trigger to the rifle and blow her sons brains all over the wall.

she cried out in pain and turn the rifle to herself as captain scallywags pleated for her to stop she pulled the trigger and her body felt next to her son that she killed.

at this moment captain scallywags cursed with all of his anger and hate on beo but beo just laughed.

as the captain scallywags Saab like a poor baby. beo herd the young daughter in the septic recycler shaky violently. so beo grabbed the knife went over to the tank. he then cut her face off and wart like a little mask dancing all over the basement to the Chocobo song . saying I love you daddy I love you daddy I love you daddy over and over until the father cry out asking beo to just ended it.

Beo then ask but why we are having so mush fun. captain scallywags cried out all I want is to drill the images from my head. the death of my family and my pet . Beo stopped for a minute and said I can arrange that . Beo went to the tool bench and grabbed a antique drill and then handed it to the father .

and told him that the only way that the images can leave his head for the pain to go away was to drill them out. so captain scallywags put the drill to his temple and push the button.

at that moment beo vengeance was complete he then hopped on a shuttle to vulcan where he entered the vulcan Science Academy begin studied medicine using the new skills from his previous family.
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Beo'lor bio
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